August 5, 2020

Yess Jewelers

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Yess Jewelers is an authentic jewelry company selling luxury pieces that include 18K Gold and diamonds. Being a new company, they needed branding and a presence.he best way to do that was to open an Instagram page and show the world who Yess Jewelers is.

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Packaging Design

When you buy a luxury piece of jewelry you want it to be packaged in something that reflects quality. We stuck with their brand colors of silver and black and printed policy cards and thank you cards that are placed in the package, as well as business cards that make it easy to contact once the client receives their beautiful package.

Social Media

The goal of the Yess Jewelers instagram page was to serve as a portfolio of their products that people would want to shop. The page was set out to encompass professional product photos and lifestyle images of real people wearing their real jewelry.


As a new company on Instagram we wanted to establish brand awareness and gain exposure through established brands and influencers. We reached out to bloggers who had a love for jewelry and appreciation for luxury. Together we promoted specific pieces that they chose and learnt more about how each person styled their piece of Yess Jewelers jewelry.

Project Gallery

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