June 3, 2020

Studio 73

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Studio 73


Studio 73 is a full experience fitness center. Whether you are there to work out, work something out, or work on yourself this is the place for you! With a weekly schedule of classes for children, teens and women as well as offered personal training sessions. We aim for your needs to be met, while your aspirations are fulfilled.

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Social Media

The Studio 73 Instagram page is all about a sense of community, with the intent to motivate each other! The Studio 73 Brand is all about the color blue and that is evident right when you glance at the page. The highlights display informative information, such as the weekly schedule, offered classes and instructors as well as fun throwbacks to Studio 73 events and special guests.

Brand Merch

What better way to show off your favorite fitness center than to wear their name! Sweatshirts, Caps, Bottles and more are for sale inside the studio. Merch is a great way to increase brand awareness while also providing an additional service to the current clients. Each product has the Logo and Brand Colors to further the Branding of Studio 73.

Website Design

Project Gallery

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