August 19, 2020

DeeDee Realtor

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DEEDEE Realtor


DeeDee is a Real Estate agent. Her clients found her solely by word of mouth and the only way DeeDee was able to update people about new listings, sold houses and adjusted prices was by manually calling, texting, or Emailing. We wanted to give DeeDee a new look and a social media platform that connects her with her viewers and potential clients.

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The DeeDee Realtor brand is all about professionalism and positivity. We chose the color yellow to embody DeeDee’s message of a pleasant experience finding your new dream home! We went with a home icon that makes it easy to recognize and associate with Real Estate.

Social Media

The DeeDee Realtor Instagram page has clear brand colors and a uniform look that allows for easy navigation for a potential client to explore what is available. . DeeDee’s Instagram is a means of live updates for all viewers. Herdaily posts show new listings, sold homes, and even real estate tips.

Project Gallery

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