September 9, 2020


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Loulu Hart is a collaborative company that is all about what product feels right and necessary at specific moments. The myriad of collections was launched with hair pins and then followed up with tablecloths and table napkins. This company will continue bringing different products that they feel passionate about and want to create and share!

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Brand Identity Design

The logo was intended to encompass a sophisticated yet easy going feel. The brand colors were the most important, the black and white reflects simplicity and the specific pink color depicts the feminine creativity that these women want to relay through this company.

Package Design

Branding through packaging is key. When a person sees elegant packaging they expect that same elegance inside the packaging. For the LouLu Hart Pins the boxes are black and gold with the LouLu signature pink for dust bags. Each LouLu Hart tablecloth has a signature pink tag on the inside. The branding is consistent to be easily distinguishable. 

Project Gallery

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